PHT3 Helicopter Turbine Mechanics

Real turbine power with tremendous reserve, capable of powering even the largest helicopters 

Rotor direction selectable for either (CW/CCW) rotation 

Rotor decoupled from turbine via centrifugal clutch allowing the rotor to stop when the turbine is at idle 

Optional servo driven rotor brake

The following JetCat helicopter models are only available through our exclusive dealers. Please contact them for price and delivery.
HP5 / PHT3

  • Original JetCat AutoStart system:
    Fully automatic turbine startup by a command from the R/C transmitter, without external connections
  • Low maintenance, quiet running tooth belt drive
    in the primary gear stages
  • Special shaped gear mechanism in the final gear stage for silent operation and positive power transmission
  • Complete package: unpack, install, fly!
  • Over 1000 customers have proven the reliability
    of this turbine engine power plant.
  • Precision ceramic ball bearings for low maintenance operation.
  • Screen in front of the turbine inlet avoids FOD
    (foreign object damage) of the compressor / turbine
  • Special CAD designed turbine wheel, for maximum shaft power at minimum residual thrust
  • Original JetCat “Jet-tronic” ECU: RPM regulator for constant rotor speed. User programmable electronics.
  • Turbine starts without compressed air or fans. Automatic cooling when the turbine is shut off.
  • RS232 serial interface for linking to a computer
  • Plain text display of the current running parameters for example: exhaust gas temperature, RPM, fuel consumption,
    remaining fuel, last run time, total run time, battery voltage,
    turbine condition, last shut-down reason, etc.
Turbine Specs PDF
Heli and Marine Turbine Specs PDF