JetCat USA Under New Ownership

New USA Representation for JetCat Products and Service

- Announcement For the USA -

There are many things to consider when selecting a model turbine, turbo-prop or helicopter power plant. A level of trust must extend between the supplier and the customer. At JetCat, we take great pride in earning this trust, as we have since our beginning.

Unfortunately, in regards to the American market and our US representative JetCat USA, we have recently failed to maintain that level of trust and consumer confidence the American market demands. In an effort to restore product confidence, and commit to a level of service and support JetCat customers deserve, I have taken executive action to release our current US representative and appoint a new person to lead JetCat USA as of April 15th, 2016.

Based on his extensive industry knowledge, business leadership skillset, and passion for providing unparalleled customer support, I welcome Todd Witkoff of Dreamworks Model Products as our new distributor and JetCat representative for the USA. I have no doubt Todd’s leadership will meet the expectations of our US customers and provide the level of support each and every JetCat customer deserves.

I wish to express my apologies to those that experienced a period of “disconnect” from JetCat USA and request a little patience as we finalize the transition and Todd has an opportunity to get settled in. It is our sincere desire to build our customer's confidence once again; and we are fully committed to accomplishing that goal.

Over the next few months a full service and repair facility will be established as soon as possible in order to provide the excellent service you, our customer, deserves. In the meantime, all repairs from US customers will be treated with priority and executed by JetCat Germany in the shortest time possible. All engines requiring service from this date forward should be sent to Dreamworks Model Products for expedited dispatch to Germany. Should you require immediate service, please contact Dreamworks Model Products directly before sending your engine so the required documentation can be included with your return. We ask for your patience during this time of transition and look forward to keeping JetCat a leader in the micro-turbine industry.


Markus Zipperer
Ing. Büro CAT, M. Zipperer GmbH
JetCat Germany