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Attention Kero Start Engines Users:
If the engine fails to start, you can get excess kerosene in the engine. YOU CANNOT REMOVE EXCESS KEROSENE BY TILTING THE PLANE WITH THE NOSE UP IN THE AIR.
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Failsafe and the Auxiliary channel:
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When installing the Kerosene
starter in the P60, please note:
The P60 glow plug boss may
have damaged threads near the combustion chamber.
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It just gets better. Now with 22Lbs of thrust!

Introducing the new JetCat P80-SE with more POWER and enhanced reliability.

The P80-SE continues our extremely successful P80 engine. The new design of the P80-SE incorporates an optimized compressor/diffusor-system, resulting in higher engine performance and reliability.

The engine follows throttle commands almost without delay. In addition to the outstanding features of or ECU V6.0, the new ECU V6.3 has an „auto power down“ function built in, which allows to switch off the engine power supply (--> receiver off) before the engine cool down sequence has been finished. In this case the ECU will stay powered on, finish the cool down sequence and then auto power down itself.

JetCat P-80-SE turbine complete with starter includes:

  • Jet-tronic ECU (fuel control electronics)
  • GSU (Display and Programmer)
  • LED I/O board
  • Miniature fuel pump
  • Electronic starting gas valve
  • Electronic Fuel valve
  • Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
  • 2 cell, 2500mA LiPoly battery pack
  • Starting gas tank
  • Turbine mounting clamp, RamTec compatible
  • Detailed instruction manual

Thrust: 22 LB @ 125,000 RPM
Weight: 2.9 LB, incl. starter
Diameter: 4.4 inches
RPM Range: 35,000 - 125,000
Exhaust gas temp.: 580°C -690°C
Fuel consumption: 9 oz per/min at full power
Fuel: Jet A1, 1-K kerosene
Lubrication: approximately 5% synthetic turbine oil in the fuel
Maintenance interval: 25 hours

P80-SE Thrust Chart

RPM Thrust
35,000 0.8
85,000 8.0
93,000 10.0
101,000 12.5
110,000 15.0
117,000 17.0
118,000 18.0
120,000 20.0



The values are approximate and can vary slightly from engine to engine.
Values at Standard Temperature and Pressure.

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