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Attention Kero Start Engines Users:
If the engine fails to start, you can get excess kerosene in the engine. YOU CANNOT REMOVE EXCESS KEROSENE BY TILTING THE PLANE WITH THE NOSE UP IN THE AIR.
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Failsafe and the Auxiliary channel:
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When installing the Kerosene
starter in the P60, please note:
The P60 glow plug boss may
have damaged threads near the combustion chamber.
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Welcome to JetCat USA

For the past 12 years Bob Wilcox has driven JetCat USA to a leadership position in the micro turbine engine industry. His knowledge, support, and service have established a reputation that is known across the America’s and surrounding countries. In the near future John Redman and his brother Dennis Redman will be joining Bob, continuing with improvements to meet the changing needs of JetCat customers. Bob will continue with JetCat USA to ensure the core founding principles will remain the same.

John Redman has been a jet enthusiast for over 20 years and a modeler all his life. John is no stranger to the model industry spending the last decade in it himself; both at JetCat USA and Horizon Hobby. His brother has spent the past 28 years as a business executive focusing on sales, marketing, and customer service. Bob Wilcox, John Redman, and Markus Zipperrer will be at Kentucky Jets 2013 to meet all of you and answer any questions.

. . . enjoy the flight

JetCat Turbine Oil
Available Now!

Newly blended to deliver the best performance for your micro turbine engine. Compatible with all brands of micro turbine engines. Mix ratio is 20:1 or 1 quart per 5 gallons. Mix as per your manufacturer recommends. Blended with anti-static fluid to help dissipate static build up in the fuel during refueling operations. Available in single quarts, 6 pack and 12 pack cases. Price breaks for 6 and 12 pack cases.

A3001 1 qt $13.95

A3001-6 6pk $77.70 (save $1 per qt)

A3001-12 12pk $143.40 (save $2 per qt)

Order your oil today and be ready for your next flying session!


Important Notice:

The new AMA rules require that the Fail-Safe timeout before shutting off the engine is 2 seconds. The JetCat ECU default time is 3 seconds. You can set this to 2 seconds in the Limits Menu. There are actually two settings. One is for the time before the engine is lowered to idle and the other is the time before it is shut-off. The timeout before the engine goes to idle is 0.1 seconds. Do not change this value.

With ECUs that are software V5.0B and later are already set to the 2 second default time-out.


"Cash For Clunkers"

Trade any make or model turbine engine for DISCOUNTS towards new RXi engines.


Click Here for Details


Note: Diesel use in JetCat engines. 

Diesel fuel is an acceptable fuel for use in all JetCat engines regardless of type or generation. No setting changes in the ECU is necessary for successful operation. 

This notice supersedes all previous information regarding diesel use that has been delivered from JetCat USA. 

John Redman

JetCat USA has Relocated

JetCat USA has relocated to a new facility in Tehachapi, California. We will continue the great tradition of service and support of the jet engine community. Please make note of our new address and phone number. There are two addresses as you see. If shipping via regular carriers please use the first address. If shipping or sending correspondence via the US Mail system, please use the second address. Also note we have put all forwarding in place with all carriers and hope this to be a pretty seamless transition. We are maintaining two smaller repair shops during the transititon and will be in full swing in Tehachapi by April 5th. Thank you.

For UPS, FedEx, DHL

JetCat USA
16330 Harris Road
Hangar #2
Tehachapi, CA 93561

For USPS Mail

JetCat USA
P. O. Box 622
Tehachapi, CA 93581

New Phone number is:


I have been asked about the P-180RX’s dependability. Just returning from Germany I know they have concerns regarding the P-180RX dependability during hard acceleration. We share their concerns but believe you do not need to stop flying if your engine is operating and accelerating correctly.

We will be contacting all original P-180RX owners in the next thirty days to outline the update process. Our plan is to get all the P-180 RX’s that were sold thru JetCat USA or our dealers updated before the 2014 flying season begins. I want to ensure all of our customers are taken care of.

All new P-180RX’s sold thru JetCat USA and our dealers as of October 22, 2013 will have the update when received. We appreciate your patience as we build a stronger JetCat USA. Until then . . . let’s enjoy the flight.


Welcome to Jetcat USA Visitor number:

JetCat, reliability at it's best!
There are many things to consider when selecting a model turbine or helicopter power plant. A level of trust must extend between the supplier and the customer. At JetCat, we take great pains to earn this trust. (
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JetCat USA is pleased to announce that our two best helicopter dealers will be exclusively selling our helicopter products. Joe Howard at Eastcoast Scale Helicopters and Daniel Grandmainson at Eastern Helicopters in Canada will be able to professionally take care of your JetCat needs. Please contact them for information, support and sales. JetCat USA will be directly working with both for in and out of warranty repairs. JetCat USA is positive that this change will provide our helicopter customers with the most reliable dealers and great technical support.

Eastcoast Scale Helicopters
Contact: Joe Howard
741 Lincoln Street
Franklin, Ma 02038

(508) 520-1867

Eastern Helicopters
Daniel Grandmaison
100 Bosse Avenue
Edmundston, NB
Canada E3V 4A2

(506) 737-8700
(506) 737-8701 Fax

The V2 kerosene plug is available NOW!

NEW heavy duty pure silicon
nitride plug for long life!

Take a look at the P60 starting on kerosene.
P60 Kero Startup Video

Updated manual in our tech dept.- manual

SPT5 V3.0 Turbo Prop
Available Now!

New SPT5 V3.0 Turbo-Prop
Now with a more compact, efficient and reliable gear box.

LiPo Battery Balancer Adater

A3023 LiPo Battery
Balancer Adapter


JetCat Auto Start

Original JetCat AutoStart system:
Fully automatic turbine startup by a command from the R/C transmitter, without external connections (read more)



JetCat Smoke Pump Pro

The new JetCat Smoke Pump Pro can deliver up to 33 oz per minute. In a new, more robust and reliable package.
Size diameter = 1.25", Length = 3"
Uses on board ECU battery and can be controlled directly from the ECU, receiver or both. Pump will not run until the engine is running. Includes all fittings, cables and injectors.

"The most elegant, compact and versatile smoke pump available"


Full factory service and support is available at JetCat USA.

All engines purchased from JetCat USA or JetCat USA's authorized dealers meet JetCat USA's stringent quality controls and include all our additional components that make your JetCat products the best available for the USA, Canada and South America. Every engine that JetCat USA ships is run in our test cell confirming your product meets all specifications.

JetCat USA's limited warranty and non-warranty service will also apply to JetCat purchases made from JetCat USA's partners outside of the USA, Canada and South America but only if the JetCat products are drop shipped from JetCat USA or sold through one of our authorized dealers. Check with JetCat USA if your dealer is an authorized JetCat USA dealer. Otherwise, warranty and non-warranty service must be performed by JetCat Germany!

Beware of JetCat sales on auction sites by foreign sellers. These engines do not have warranties and cannot be serviced by JetCat USA.


JetCat USA Return Policy

Please inspect your order promptly upon receipt. If you have any missing or damaged items, please call customer service at 1-661-822-4812 immediately so we can correct the problem.  If you wish to return an item that you cannot use, we will allow returns within 30 days of invoice date if it is returned in like-new condition at your expense. There will be a 20% restock charge. Call customer service for authorization. You will be given specific instructions and authorization for the return. If returned merchandise is damaged from misuse or improper packaging, no refund will be issued or the refund will be reduced by the price of the damaged material. Hazardous materials, custom orders and sale items cannot be returned.

JetCat USA
16330 Harris Road, Tehachapi, CA 93561
Phone: 661-822-4812

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